Doctor house calls often make more sense than dragging a sick and tired body out of bed to visit doctor’s office. Here’s why.

When the flu hits, we hardly make it out of bed let alone to the hospital. And spending hours at the waiting room would be the final resort to anyone stricken down with illness.

Sickness either induces lethargy or fragility in the patient that makes it difficult for them to visit the doctor. The hassle of traveling all the way to the hospitals and the wait time often associated with doctor visits acts as a barrier for uninterrupted medical care and check-ups.

“Doctor at home” is the most convenient care a person can get outside hospitals or clinics. This supportive care provided at home improves the quality of lives of people by providing personalized medical care to the patients.

House calls definitely has its advantages which benefit both, the patients and the doctors.

1. Quality of care

With Doctor at home service, you don’t have to deal with a hush hush appointment. Home care helps you achieve quality care. Support and personal attention from the doctor has a huge impact in improving the quality of care. Convenient access to quality health care offers a multi- disciplinary approach that will enhance the patient’s results.

2. Convenience and Privacy

In the case of home calls, a patient can be treated at the solace of their homes. It is the most convenient method of treatment for both the patient as well as the doctor. Doing home visits increases the goodwill of the doctors which help them provide better care. Doctors can provide individualized services based on individual needs and preferences.

3. No waiting time

Nobody really likes waiting in a doctor’s waiting room. Aside from the general annoyance of waiting, it’s unsafe for sick people to surround themselves with other sick people, especially for the elderly or those with weakened immune systems.

4. Effortless for Elderly Patients and Patients with physical disabilities

Visiting doctor’s clinic for a frail or differently abled patient can be a task. They need assistance and wheelchair. Sometimes wheelchairs may not fit in the doctor’s clinic. Due to these disadvantages, elderly and differently abled people don’t get routine care. These patients would readily avail medical care if physicians visited their homes. Beyond the cost savings, home care offers elderly and differently abled people the ability to remain in their own homes.

5. Preventive measures

 Ignorance of symptoms by people and their lazy nature might prevent them from taking the effort to go to a hospital. Delaying preventive measures only end up posing health risks to the individual in the long run. Home visits prevent hospitalizations by dealing with the problems before the crisis occurs.

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