I feel the constant need to urinate and when I try, I get a burning sensation.

“I have been to the doctor before because of a UTI in the past and cannot afford to go again. I feel the constant need to urinate, but nothing or little comes out and when I try to urinate, I get a burning sensation. Can I get over the counter medication to kill bacteria?” – Quora

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 You should not take any medication without doctor’s advice. In the case of UTI or any other infection, there are certain medications for treatment. If such conditions are untreated or not treated with proper medications it can lead to further complications.

The most common complications can be Septicaemia or Pyelonephritis or Cystitis. So, consult a physician for medical management.

You need to do certain blood and urine tests such as CBC, urine culture and sensitivity. The doctor can examine and find out the exact organism causing this UTI and exact drug to treat this type of infection.

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