Remember when the government had to declare ‘emergency’ in Delhi last year (2016) due to high levels of air pollution?? It was reported that Diwali contributed heavily in making the air too toxic to breathe in for people.

safe and healthy diwali

Although a festival of bright colours, lights, sweets and crackers, a need to celebrate ‘eco – friendly’ Diwali is now gaining momentum. That’s because there is a dark side to Diwali too. This dark side is represented by numerous health risks and unwanted accidents. You guessed it right – The major culprit is fire crackers, responsible for high levels of air and noise pollution.

Health First

DID YOU KNOW 243 incidents related to fire were reported on Diwali in Delhi alone last year while 40 burn injuries were reported in Ludhiana?

While sweets and high sugar levels can be mindfully avoided, accidents like burns, eye injuries and heart attacks are uncalled for. Here are some handy tips to enjoy this Diwali while you keep your health in check:

  • Keep a first aid kit in place to prevent major complications in case of an accident/emergency.
  • People who suffer from asthma should carry their inhalers and other medication around.
  • In case of a burn on a sensitive area of the body, like the face, book an ambulance to the nearest emergency room or a doctor to avoid scarring.
  • In case of eye injury, do not rub, rinse or apply ointment to the eye. It may make the injury worse or difficult to examine.
  • Lung and heart patients are advised to wear masks and ear plugs.
  • Pregnant women should try to stay indoors, away from the smoke and noise.

Take care of your Children

Kids are most vulnerable to health hazards during Diwali. The chemicals used in fire crackers, namely gun powder, colouring and explosive agents, if consumed by a child can deteriorate his/her health.

If a child is injured by fireworks, immediately call an ambulance to go to a doctor or hospital.

In case of an Emergency

Despite following proper safety measures, there’s always the chance that something will go wrong.

The key is to be prepared beforehand in order to minimize the aftermath of a mishap.

To do so, always ALWAYS keep few important contact details handy –

Dial 9111891118 for Medical Emergency Help

Dial 100 to call the Police

Dial 101 for Fire Brigade

Dial 1910 for Blood Banks

There are other ways to have a BLAST this Diwali. The festival is much more than just fire crackers!

We wish you a happy and safe Diwali 2017

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