The ever-increasing road traffic is a nightmare for victims waiting to be taken to hospitals in ambulances. Here’s how you can help.


Have you ever witnessed an ambulance struggling to find its way in traffic? The real question is, “What did you do, did you give way?” Did you choose to ignore it? What’s your excuse? Was your urgency more important than a human life?

Every second is precious. Most ‘brought dead’ cases happen where there is a time lapse in shifting the patient from one place to another due to traffic.

It’s ironic that even after spurt in technology, research and education in the last few decades, motorists in India still lack awareness about the seriousness of ambulance movement.

Here are ways to give the right of passage to an ambulance even when you are stuck in traffic.


Move to Left

By Indian law, cars are supposed to give way to emergency vehicles. In reality, instead of clearing the road when an emergency vehicle approaches, many motorists are racing ahead of ambulances or following closely behind them to pass more quickly through traffic.

Jump the Red Light

It’s within the law. Not many know that ambulances are allowed to break signals and even be driven through the wrong side. So, the next time you are waiting at the signal and an ambulance is behind you, don’t think twice before jumping the signal to let the ambulance to proceed.

Motorists are hesitant to jump the signal because they fear being fined. What they are unaware of is that it’s completely legal to break the signal if an emergency vehicle is behind you.

Never park in front of an Ambulance

 Stop Parking On Roads

This is even worse, some people leave their cars parked in front of a parked ambulance, making it impossible for the ambulance driver to move the patient to hospital. Never ever park in front of a parked ambulance.

If someone is stuck because of a parked vehicle that made it difficult for the ambulance to pass, report it to the traffic police. Strict measures should be taken against the vehicle owner.


It is our responsibility to give ambulance its right of way. You can be a life saver!

Let’s create awareness about the same, help us spread the word.